Snor-ring, the Anti Snoring Solution. Using Acupressure for a Natural Snoring Remedy.

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About Snor-rinG®
The Anti Snoring Ring

Use Snor-rinG® to help put a stop to your snoring problems, using acupressure as a natural snoring remedy.

The Snor-rinG® is only available in either 925 Sterling Silver or Solid Gold* featuring the bioactive and antibacterial therapeutic healing properties of silver and gold.

All Snor-rinG® rings are allergy free†, durable and simple to use.

NHS Clinical testing of patented acupressure rings indicate most users benefited in 3 -10 days, some had an immediate effect.

If you are a particularly heavy snorer we recommend two Snor-rinG® rings – one on each little finger for maximum benefit.

Replace annually to maintain maximum efficiency.

†If you suffer from Argyria you cannot use this product without consulting your GP.

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Simply worn on your little finger of either the right (male) or left (female) hand, between the knuckle and joint with the palm of your hand.

The twin Stimublocs connect automatically with two available acupressure points, the gap of the ring is always located at top of the finger (see illustration below).

NHS Clinicians have reported that by applying pressure at the base or side of the little finger at a point closest to the joint of the little finger and palm of the users hand (see illustration below) a stimulus of the central nervous system (cns) is created along the dorsal digital branch of the Ulnar Nerve- the cns stimulus tones the muscles of the throat, larynx and sinuses, reducing swelling of flaccid tissue, mucous membranes and clearing congestion of nasal passages and sinuses.

The result of toned throat muscles and clear airways is significantly reduced snoring volume to below 40db with improved sleep patterns.

Sources: NHS; The Pharmacist Magazine

REMEMBER: Always wear your ring every night for maximum efficiancy. Full instructions are enclosed with every Snor-rinG®


  • All adults over 16
  • Use it anywhere – even when travelling on land sea or air

Please note:

  • If you are Pregnant, breast feeding, or are under 16 years old - consult your GP before use.
  • Not recommended for sufferers of acute sleep apnoea. For milder symptoms of sleep apnoea consult your GP before use.
  • If you suffer from Argyria you cannot use this product without consulting your GP.
Snor-ring anti snoring ring diagram