Sine-Kure, for easy breathing. Daytime relief of nasal and sinus congestion using accupressure.

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Frequently asked questions

Q. What is the Snor-rinG®?
A. The Snor-rinG® is an acupressure ring which is worn on the little finger of either hand.
Q. How does it work?
A. The ring is cast in the UK with two protuberances known as a Stimubloc™ to create the desired pressure at the acupoint “Qiangu” which depending on your physiology is located either on the side or base of the little finger between the knuckle and joint. The pressure creates a positive stimulus of the central nervous system helping to tonify the throat and larynx muscles, reduce sinus swelling and draining the nasal cavities – reducing nasal congestion.
Q. When should I wear the Snor-rinG®?
A. Put the Snor-rinG® on within one hour of sleeping for no more than 12 hours daily, and repeat the procedure daily thereafter. If you are planning to travel on long journeys and suspect your snoring will embarrass you – put the ring on up to an hour before departure.
Q. Which hand should I wear the Snor-rinG®?
A. The Snor-rinG® can be worn on either the left (female) or right (male) little finger – the therapeutic effects can of course be enhanced by wearing a ring on each finger if you are a heavy snorer.
Q. Will I feel the positive effects immediately?
A. It depends entirely on your personal physiology –most users feel an immediate effect but generally the wearing of the ring creates a cumulative therapeutic effect and builds intensity with nightly usage – therefore after 3-10 days the Snor-rinG® should be reducing your snoring volume and improving your sleep quality.
Q. Can I use the ring in conjunction with other drugs?
A. Yes the ring is drug free.
Q. Why are Pregnant Women and Breast Feeding mothers excluded from wearing the Snor-rinG®?
A. This is precautionary advice for Pregnant and Breast feeding mothers with very young babies – The Snor-rinG® should not have any discernable effect – but you must consult your GP before usage.
Q. I have blood circulation problems – can I still wear the ring?
A. Consult your GP first before wearing.
Q. I have a heart condition – Is the ring safe to use?
A. Yes it is totally safe – acupressure rings have been tested in two NHS hospitals without any contra indications for heart patients, but consult your GP before use.
Q. I have a pacemaker / heart device – does the ring contain any magnets?
A. We don’t believe in gimmicks – The Snor-rinG® does not contain magnets, which are totally unnecessary for acupressure techniques.
Q. Does wearing the Snor-rinG® have any side effects?
A. No the ring is drug free and has no side effects. However if you feel any numbness or a “pins & needles” effect in your finger, hand or arm – you may be wearing the ring too tightly – remove the ring and re apply – if the symptoms persist stop using the ring and consult your GP for any underlying circulatory conditions.
Q. Are there any sporting or exercise activities or work activities where I should not use the ring?
A. Obviously you had a great nights sleep, but if you have forgotten to remove the ring after sleeping and find yourself about to engage in any sport or work related activity – for the avoidance of doubt remove the ring for safety.
Q. Does the Snor-rinG® Nickel?
A. Both the Sterling Silver and Gold rings are Nickel free and are ph neutral.
Q. Can the Snor-rinG® be used by children under 16?
A. Consult your GP first – the minimum finger diameter is 14.3mm and therefore not suitable for any infant children – remember always keep your ring out of reach of small children.