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NHS and Snor-rinG®

The NHS conducted a series of tests on a select group of patients suffering from simple Snoring to establish whether acupressure techniques correctly applied really do reduce Snoring symptoms to below 40db the average noise level created when sleeping normally.

The rings used were an earlier version of the Snor-rinG which has been improved upon to reflect NHS observations learned when using the ring.

The tests were conducted over a 28 day period with snorers being monitored not using an acupressure snoring ring for the first 14 days.

The second period of 14 days snorers wore the acupressure snoring ring every night as instructed. The sound monitors recorded sounds every 5 seconds and therefore the graph data has been compressed.

The tests were conducted with acupressure rings using only our patented technique –

The graphs below captured from data supplied by the NHS show startling results:

Patient 03

A simple snorer with an average 68db snoring volume reduced to an average 30db – the patient has no audible snoring.

NHS Patient 03
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Patient 04

This patient had a slightly lower average 64db snoring volume – use of the acupressure ring reduced the volume to 43db which whilst audible is a fantastic improvement.

NHS Patient 04
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Patient 05

This patient is a classic Sleep Apnoea sufferer with bursts of loud snoring comprising of dramatic peaks and troughs of snoring activity. Use of the acupressure ring significantly reduced the frequency of loud snoring bursts.

NHS Patient 05
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We do not recommend this product for chronic sleep apnoea sufferers. If you suffer with any form of sleep apnoea or use any form of cpap device or require any form of medical device to aid sleeping do not use this product unless you have first contacted your GP for advice and clearance before use.

The above test samples were supplied by Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre Hospitals NHS Trust and are © Snor-rinG 2011 all rights reserved.